I was taught by teachers, and if it's one thing I have it's a basketball mind and I try to pass it on and pay it forward.

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What I know is that if you're going to play half-court, you'd better have the greatest executioners of half-court basketball. If you run, you test the stamina and willpower of the other team. That's what I learned as a player.

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Everyone thought I was going to die like a year later, they didn't know. So I helped educate sports, and then the world, that a man living with HIV can play basketball. He's not going to give it to anybody by playing basketball.

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I have 'the first' attached to my name in a whole lot of different aspects when it comes to the sport of basketball.

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The game of basketball is one thing, but the image of the game is another thing.

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Mostly I play sports games - football and basketball. 'Inside Drive' and 'NFL Fever.'

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There was the misconception out there that I retired after the 2008 season, but that was never the case. I wasn't done with basketball yet, and I'm still not done.

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Back in East St. Louis, tennis wasn't the real thing. If you weren't playing baseball, basketball, football, you were kind of on the outside.

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We're talking about being relevant again. I want the Sixers to be on people's tongues again... I want the Sixers to be the basketball team that people want to see.

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In every game, there's three teams out there. There's the two basketball teams and the team of officials. If the two teams are evenly matched, it can come down to number of possessions. If one out-of-bounds call goes the wrong way, that can be the difference.

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