Gaylord Perry and Willie McCovey should know each other like a book. They've been ex-teammates for years now.

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I think the players, I put in the book for example that we should go back to wood rackets, probably they laughed at me, I'm a dinosaur, but I think that you see these great players, have even more variety and you see more strategy, there'd be more subtlety.

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Every book is a quotation; and every house is a quotation out of all forests, and mines, and stone quarries; and every man is a quotation from all his ancestors.

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The profession of book writing makes horse racing seem like a solid, stable business.

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When I'm writing a book, I prefer not to speak about it, because only when the book is finished can I try to understand what I've really done and to compare my intentions with the result.

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Each book I've done somehow finds its own unique form, a specific way it has to be written, and once I find it, I stick with it.

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I don't think there's a difference between writing for a newspaper or magazine and doing a chapter in a book.

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For each book, I do end up making a kind of playlist to fit the characters.

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One rainy Sunday when I was in the third grade, I picked up a book to look at the pictures and discovered that even though I did not want to, I was reading. I have been a reader ever since.

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My dream was to be known as a writer and to be able to produce at least one book that would be read by people. That dream came true with the publication of my first novel - and all the rest has been a sweet bonus.

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