You'll be dedicated and that's what you should want to be in anything in life - whether it's sports or academics or your relationship. It all stems from finding that fun, that thrill, that excitement.

Quote by Brandi Chastain
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It's fun leading this offense. I don't think we've hit our peak.

Quote by Brett Favre
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I just skated for the fun of it.

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It's fun to get out in the field. I really enjoy that. It's fun creating.

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I hate to play a tournament in which I'm not contending. It's just not any fun for me.

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What I've noticed in this game is how EA has even duplicated my moves and my style of play perfectly. It is really incredible and a lot of fun to play.

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No one can tell me what to do on my skateboard. My skateboard is my safe spot. I can learn tricks, I can have fun, I can do whatever I want on my skateboard.

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Well, we've made some changes on this tour. We're no longer sleeping in the parking lots and swimming in the fountains. We've been staying in hotels most of the way, though I will say some hotels have declined to take us because we're just having too much fun.

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I've had a lot more fun with the training.

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I never did a day's work in my life. It was all fun.

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