The time when most of you should withdraw into yourself is when you are forced to be in a crowd.

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So I let them be responsible for there particular areas. Then by the time it gets to me that means that there is a problem. I have my eyes open and I need to know something about every department but you don't want to micro manage any particular department.

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My No. 1 priority, and it always has been this, is keeping our team together and making sure we have the right guys in the right positions to make a run at this for a long time.

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I am disappointed that my 25 years in public life have apparently not earned me the benefit of the doubt, but I understand that Senator Mitchell's report has raised many serious questions. I plan to publicly answer all of those questions at the appropriate time in the appropriate way. I only ask that in the meantime people not rush to judgment.

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People have been killing because of racial differences since the time of Adam and Eve, but in this country racism has been primarily aimed at African Americans.

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We have a lot of property and we take care of it mostly ourselves, so that's what I spend a lot of time doing, which I love because I'm outside.

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I had to spend countless hours, above and beyond the basic time, to try and perfect the fundamentals.

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The '70s were a time of turmoil and turnover. But I grew up here. I always wanted to play here.

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But boxing was my profession. I had to go back the second time because I was broke and I couldn't just go and get a college degree and earn it. I had too many bills, too many families.

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Nancy Lopez has always been a role model of mine... so to have the opportunity to play for her and spend time with her has been amazing.

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