It was definitely some tough moments throughout my life, but I kind of stayed focused and came through the other end of the tunnel.

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Sometimes guys need to cry. Some hockey players think they're too tough to cry.

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As a gymnast, you always wear spandex. Being a teenager wearing spandex? It was tough accepting how my body looked, especially if there was any weight gain.

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Nobody who takes on anything big and tough can afford to be modest.

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My first year of college was tough. I thought that just being an athlete I could get by. I thought I was okay until I got kicked out, which happened twice.

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My mom and I have always been there for each other. We had some tough times, but she was always there for me.

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There are no tough guys in wrestling.

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I'm not pro-owner or pro-player. I am pro-football. I want the game to go on. I want the game to be tough. I don't want the game to be a killer of our players.

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I'm just trying to keep my mind and my body active. The tough part about it is that physically I'm sort of limited.

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Retiring was scary and it was tough to give up gymnastics, but so many great opportunities have come from it that I never expected.

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