True heroism is remarkably sober, very undramatic. It is not the urge to surpass all others at whatever cost, but the urge to serve others at whatever cost.

Quote by Arthur Ashe
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If nothing else in life, I want to be true to the things I believe in, and quite simply, to what I'm all about. I know I'd better, because it seems whenever I take a false step or two I feel the consequences.

Quote by Peyton Manning
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For years the league has thought I've been on drugs. I would have burned out a long time ago if that was true.

Quote by Dennis Rodman
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The army is the true nobility of our country.

Quote by Napoleon Bonaparte
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A man may imagine things that are false, but he can only understand things that are true, for if the things be false, the apprehension of them is not understanding.

Quote by Isaac Newton
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A true friend is one soul in two bodies

Quote by Aristotle
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We should not be so taken up in the search for truth, as to neglect the needful duties of active life; for it is only action that gives a true value and commendation to virtue.

Quote by Cicero
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My responsibility is to try to tell true stories. To me a true story is always hopeful, but never simply, uncomplicatedly happy.

Quote by John Green
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People are inclined to say that I am Ramona. I'm not sure that's true, but I did share some experiences with her.

Quote by Beverly Cleary
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It's true, I had an extremely delicious life, but that was my life at home, and perhaps because I was only a child, or for whatever reasons, I found the company of others, especially other boys, quite terrifying and upsetting.

Quote by Harry Mathews
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