It really lasted the whole game, because I was really untouchable, unstoppable that game. But it was heightened on one particular play, and that was the longest run where everything completely slowed down. My awareness was so keen, it was so heightened, it was really amazing.

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The word of God steadies me. He says your trials and tribulations make you who you are. So you can see my whole story in the way I endured and overcame some testing experiences.

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I have spoken to a whole group of millionaires, head executives at Microsoft. Boy did I chew those guys out.

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You're going to see ups and downs your whole career.

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I have a whole fur closet. I'm not afraid of PETA.

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When I was 11, the whole world was closed to me. I just felt I was on the outside of the world.

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There's a whole apparatus for indie bands now, but back in the eighties it was just getting built. The early people really took it on the chin.

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There aren't a whole lot of people in culture that are unapologetically masculine.

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They were two halves that together formed a magical whole.

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My whole mindset in training is to be explosive and fast, and I try not to get too big and bulky.

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