I don't think the philosophy really changes between men and women. I think golf courses need to become more distance-friendly overall. I think golf courses almost need to develop a more generic set of tees instead of calling them black, blue, red or whatever.

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Women get the attention when we get into the men's arena, and that's sad.

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I spent money, I slept with women around the league, but I always kept my mind on the game.

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In front of the world, all of a sudden I'm a great athlete and I'm put into an environment with 25 other women and I'm expected to go to team meals, team functions.

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I don't mind the sparkle - I think it's kind of a tradition in skating. I don't think the men really need sparkles, but for the women it's part of the glamour of our sport.

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All a lot of women see are dollar signs.

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Black men don't like to be called 'boys,' but women accept being called 'girls.'

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It takes people a long time to learn the difference between talent and genius, especially ambitious young men and women.

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This is an important book, the critic assumes, because it deals with war. This is an insignificant book because it deals with the feelings of women in a drawing-room.

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I don't write women who are weak or simpering.

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